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Do you take pride in your products?

At Hogan’s Heavy Haulage, we strive to be the best in our field. To be the best involves being at the forefront of best practices with people and equipment. 

Image is only one part of our company. Safety and reliability are the backbone of Hogan’s Heavy Haulage, as well as a commitment to offer the best to our customers. To this end, we have one of Australia's best maintained fleets bar none.

It’s a big statement, but it is the mantra that has been with our company from day one.

We at Hogan’s Heavy Haulage have invested in a multi-million dollar maintenance facility that is situated at Rutherford in the Hunter Valley of NSW. This fully equipped workshop is staffed by a team that is passionate about safety and the condition of the fleet that is under their care.

Hogan’s Heavy Haulage is managed under the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme like many other transport companies. The scheme sets the standard for vehicle maintenance in Australia, but what sets us apart from our competitors is that we strive to exceed this standard.

What does this mean to our customers you may ask?

Does the company that you use now want to offer you the best equipment and people that are available?

Do you have peace of mind knowing your equipment is being treated with the utmost of care?

Does the company that you use ensure the vehicle transporting your load is maintained and suitable for the task?

Does the company that you use now have an environmental policy ensuring a low carbon footprint?

Does the company you use now manage all aspects of waste and recycling?

When you use Hogan’s Heavy Haulage, you are utilising the skills of a team of true professionals who take pride in the services provided to their customers.

It is the people behind the scenes at Hogan’s Heavy Haulage that separate us from the others. Our Rutherford Facility is one of the best equipped workshops in the industry. We have just completed a new service bay for the in-house servicing of prime movers and trailers. The service bay is equipped with a new Roller Brake Tester capable of handling trucks and trailers up to 4.0 metres wide, one of the biggest available in Australia.

The roller brake tester was purchased to perform detailed analysis of the fleet, ensuring all our equipment exceeds the requirements of the accreditation scheme. Brake testing is now performed on all trucks and trailers on a regular basis. What does this mean to you, our client? Should you require documentation for your site project, we can supply up to date records showing the compliance of our vehicles.

The new service bay is also equipped with a 60 tonne capacity vehicle hoist. This new state-of-the-art vehicle hoist allows service technicians to perform thorough under-vehicle inspections and servicing. This has increased our safety and production at the Rutherford facility by reducing the stress and access issues whilst servicing vehicles.

Environmental Issues

In your business, you are required to use the best possible practice for environmental management. Rest assured if you are using Hogan’s Heavy Haulage, the best possible practices are being used at all times at any site under our control.

  • All waste oils and fluids are recovered from our vehicles and recycled by certified companies. 
  • Oil and fuel filters are sent for crushing to remove 99% waste oil.
  • Oily rags and other hydrocarbon-contaminated materials are sent to a local environmental services company for cleaning to remove waste. 
  • Chemicals used for washing parts etc. are all recycled. 
  • Wastewater for washing trucks is passed through a separator ensuring no hydrocarbons leave the site, recovered contaminants are then sent for recycling. 
  • Tyres that are replaced are sent for recycling/shredding. You may have even walked on some of our old tyres in children's play areas, as the end use of the tyres is in rubberised footpaths and play equipment.

Green Fleet

Our fleet is not only green in colour!

The fleet of trucks at Hogan’s are as green as they come. All the prime movers are late model vehicles with the latest of emissions technology. It is one thing to buy the latest vehicles, but at Hogan’s Heavy Haulage, we are continually updating the fleet to provide cost-effective transportation.

We use the best of technology from Cummins Engine Company, Detroit Diesel and Volvo.

To ensure emission targets and fuel economy is within limits, the original equipment manufacturers and our trained technicians perform regular servicing. Hogan’s Heavy Haulage has spent considerable time and resources in computer software and hardware to fully equip the Rutherford workshop to monitor and track the vehicles. By being able to monitor vehicles in house, it allows us to optimise the on road availability of the vehicles with minimal downtime.

Late Model Specialised Trailers

Do you want to move 200kg or 200 tonne? Our fleet of trailers is very varied and for a good reason.

We have trailers for every occasion and load. The trailers we use are supplied from well-known and trusted names, such as Drake and Tuff Trailers. We use these manufacturers because they custom manufacture their products for us to suit the varied loads we carry, with the utmost of safety and reliability.

Our trained personnel in the workshop are well familiarised with our trailers and all servicing is performed in house. We subject our trucks and trailers to an intensive maintenance program, which is customised to suit our specialised needs and standards.

All trailers are subjected to a rigorous maintenance schedule that includes a total mid-life overhaul (this is why Hogan’s Heavy Haulage’s used equipment is sought after by other transport operators when an item of plant is decommissioned by us). 

Having high standards for maintenance works two-fold for us. It offers us high safety and equipment utilisation. This in turn gives you, our customer, peace of mind that the job will be done on time and with the minimum of fuss.

Do you require stands for your equipment whilst being transported?

At Hogan’s Heavy Haulage, we have a wide selection of stands that are engineer certified for the transportation of loads. Our stands range in capacity from 2.5 tonne to 35 tonne per stand.

We also have bridging beams for large over dimensional loads that are rated for 35 tonne per beam point loading.

Should you require a stand or beam for a one-off project, we have an in-house fabrication team at Rutherford and the equipment to fabricate a solution for your project, on time and to budget.

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